Beach Adventures//Winter Vibes.

My friend and I spontaneously decided to take a road trip down to the sea shore. Today was a solid 40 degrees in New Jersey, and we even encountered a blizzard on the ride there.

Still, the determination for summer was real, and we had to visit our favorite childhood vacation spot.

Ocean City, New Jersey ladies and gentleman. The ultimate New Jerseyan vacation spot. 100% empty on a winter March afternoon.

We skipped all around town taking photos and basking in our Ocean City food favorites.

I used this mini adventure of ours to try out my new iPhone 8 plus camera, which delivered beyond belief.

Here are my favorite shots from the day.

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A solid and much needed pick-me-up from the constant rut of work, chores, sleep and repeat.

My soul has been fed and is counting down the days till Summer! Which by the way, there are officially less than 100.



The Best Coffee Shop: Better Buzz Coffee

Coffee. Most of the population relies on this for pure existence. Without my daily dose of caffeine I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be able to force myself to work in the morning, let alone even move from my lovely plush surface of a bed.

I take my coffee shops level ten serious. The coffee has to be bangin’, and the atmosphere needs to be just as accommodating. I’m that person that will plan to head to a coffee shop the next day and thrive.

Regardless, everyone loves a good cup of joe. Recently, while I was touring around San Diego with a friend, she took me to a west coast favorite of her’s: Better Buzz Coffee in Pacific Beach, San Diego.


I might be slightly dramatic when I say this, but this coffee shop changed my life. Now that I am back on the east coast, it is the only thing I’m craving.

The inside of this cute shop was everything I could want my future house to look like.


Isn’t this adorable??


This wall is SCREAMING “take a pic with me”.

I was mesmerized the entire time I was in line, clearly in no rush to leave.

My friend I was with ordered for us, because I took about a half hour just asking questions about the different drinks.

We ordered two of the “best drink ever” on the menu. I had no idea what to expect and I cannot even describe how amazing this coffee was.


If the title of the drink doesn’t satisfy you enough, look at these cups!

If you’re a coffee fiend like myself, I would highly encourage you to hit up this coffee shop if you’re ever hanging out on the west coast. Just sitting inside for an hour will make you feel inspired.

I know it’ll be one of my pit stops next time I visit California!

Stay caffeinatedvictory-hand.png



A Week In LA : Traveling Solo!

This past week, I decided to take a trip solo to the city of Los Angeles. I firmly believe that not only is traveling good for your soul, especially when you’re alone, but also that if you truly want to test out a potential new home, you have to experience it alone.

I decided to rent a full studio apartment on AirBnB, so I could see what living in the city as a local could be like. I’ve been eyeing the state for years now, so I decided to do something about it.

One rough asset was not having a car, which I would obviously have if I moved there. And anyone who’s ever been to LA is fully aware that traffic couldn’t be worse! But my love for the state is surreal, and I am dreaming of making this goal a reality.

Here is a small photo diary of the things I saw, and what I did!

Small side note: I didn’t take as many photos as I normally would, because I wanted to truly enjoy the moment. And that I did! I want to make a point of doing so more often.

Besides walking around downtown and the city, which I’ve done on trips beforehand, I took off and explored different places, like Malibu, Calabasas, and took a train to San Diego!


First item on my list was driving to Malibu. So that’s exactly what I did.



Next up, I took a day trip and explored the beautiful and sunny San Diego.









Back in LA for the rest of the week, I covered Runyon Park and saw some stunning views.


Of course, I had to catch a beach sunset before the week was over.


And who wouldn’t want to end the trip with the staple food of LA?



Needless to say, the week was great! Definitely happy to have had time to recharge and amp up for the work week.

Be sure to follow my Instagram, @bellaslife22,  for more pictures of what I’m up to!


How To: Be a Girl Boss.

Calling all ladies! This post is for you.

Firstly, what is a girl boss? Let’s break it down.

A girl boss is someone who has goals, big or small, and has a vision to get from point A to point B. You take charge of your own life, instead of letting time and fate do all the work for you. You hold responsibility for your own future, you take risks to get there and you might fail along the way. You stay productive, motivated, and you don’t let the days go by just thinking “Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow.” You get a natural high off of accomplishing things and filling your soul by loving what you do. You’re not going to settle for just any job, or having a robotic lifestyle, because you know you want more than that. You’re going against the societal norms and finding alternative ways to live your best life.

That is just a small idea of what a girl boss can be.


We love it too! Now that you’ve got the idea, it’s time to get to work. If you’re feeling particularly down in the dumps, unmotivated, or skeptical of the chances that you can actually achieve the goals you want in life, such as getting into that dream school, getting out of that rough 9-5, or moving to that city you’ve always wanted to. Keep reading.


Time to break it down even more.

I’m going to go over some real realities about being a girl boss. Some things you may not want to hear, but have to face if you’re ready to take the necessary steps.

1. You might not succeed, that doesn’t mean you give up.

Let’s say your girl boss dream is to start up a business. Maybe you’re opening up an Etsy store, or starting a blog post. Maybe you’re taking a loan out to open up a spin studio. Whatever it may be! It’s not going to be easy. There’s going to be multiple road blocks that you’ll have to overcome. But girl bosses don’t give up! If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. It’s not wrong, is it! Keep yourself on track, and realize that if it doesn’t go as planned right away, just go with the flow and find a new way to get there. You’ll be happy you did!


2. “Don’t compare your hustle to their highlight reel.”

One of the downfalls of social media, is the competition aspect. Posting the best parts about your day, your trip, or whatever else it may be just to seem like you have your life together. If you see other’s on social media trying to win the race, while you try and keep yourself motivated, it’ll only slow you down. If someone is posting a pic of their desk, super Pinterest-y and laid out perfectly, I guarantee you right outside of that frame there was a cluttered mess. Because the reality of the matter, is that behind the scenes is always a whole different story. Don’t let it change your perspective or damage your motivation.


3. Gather a squad of fellow girl bosses.

This is one that will really keep you on track. Having a core group of powerful motivated ladies, all striving for similar goals will make this lifestyle feel even better, because you’ll have support. You’ll have fellow gals who know why you’re working twice as hard, and working later than others to make sure you accomplish what is needed. They will keep you on your toes and even give you idea’s on how to get over some obstacles that might have come your way, because at one point they had the same obstacles. Find your circle, and get in formation.


4. Dress for success.

You always want to look and feel your absolute best. Especially if you’ve got meetings set up for whatever your girl boss goals may be. Interviews, meetings, scheduling of any kind. You gotta walk in that room like it’s yours! And uphold that confidence the entire duration of whatever you may be doing! However you feel your best self, identify and go with it. Confidence always shines through the most when we feel like the best version of who we are.


5. There’s a difference between being organized and being a girl boss.

There is definitely a difference. No matter how many planners, highlighters, pens, notebooks, and hours sat inside of Starbucks, that doesn’t mean you’re being productive. Fooling yourself into seeming like you’re a girl boss is different than actually executing a plan. If you’re doing all those things, and also making lists of achievable goals while making those goals happen, then my friend, you’ve reached girl boss status!

I highly encourage anyone to give this a shot, and become their own boss. It’s totally doable and you’ll feel so empowered once you start listening to yourself instead of others!


Tina is right! Let’s do this.

Good luck girl bosses!


My New Tattoo.


About two weeks ago, I decided to splurge for my birthday, 23 whole years (wow…), and get my second tattoo. Most likely my final tattoo because I surprisingly went bolder than I anticipated, and took up a good half portion of my back with this new ink, as you can see in the photograph.

I like the idea of tattoos as reminders, and representations of who you are. I like having them apart of my body because they need to be a significant part of who I am. On my right arm, I have the quote She Believed She Could So She Did.” This quote carry’s a lot of meaning from my childhood, as I grew up, and more importantly now, in my young adult life.

My most recent ink means even more to me. I have a strong passion for travel, which escalated profusely when I studied abroad in college, and visited close to 9 different cities.

Since then my travel bug has been strong, and I always need to have a trip booked, or have one in the works. I’m truly training myself to learn, as a new 23 year old, the meaning of material items versus experiences. I am the happiest when I’m on an adventure, and this tattoo is a reminder of that.

The phrase do more of what makes you happy really stands tall, because if you’re not happy, what are you doing?

Think about it. 

If you live in the tristate area, and are looking to have a quality tattoo done, I highly recommend checking out Art Machine Productions in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Great artists, amazing quality, and a lifetime of art.


When in Doubt, Wear a Pant Suit

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Hello Friends!

I’m popping in this morning with an early Monday lifestyle blog. So hopefully you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and take a small break from whatever work you may be trying to avoid this morning. Hang in there, the holidays are nearly here!

Last week, I had quite a few meetings at work, so I needed to up my fashion game just a little bit. The first thing that came to my mind was a pant suit. It screams professionalism, fashion sense, and meetings meetings meetings. What more could you need your clothes to say?

I didn’t happen to own a full pant suit set, so I make shifted what I could find and went with a grey color scheme. Grey pants on sale from Express, a blazer from Loft, and a button down shirt from New York and Company with some simple heels and a belt. Boom. You’re ready for the day!

I’ve been exploring my fashion sense more and more recently as I’ve been trying to figure out how to comfortably attend work without showing up wearing a full set of pajamas. This may be the start of a new clothing series for work! Who knows. We all know I’m not one for routine.

Enjoy my awkward poses and silliness below.

Until next time,


*She Believed She Could So She Did*

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