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When in Doubt, Wear a Pant Suit

Hello Friends! I'm popping in this morning with an early Monday lifestyle blog. So hopefully you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and take a small break from whatever work you may be trying to avoid this morning. Hang in there, the holidays are nearly here! Last week, I had quite a few meetings… Continue reading When in Doubt, Wear a Pant Suit

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29 Rooms!

Hi Friends! The other day I decided to head into Brooklyn, New York City to a pop up art museum being featured for only a limited time in the city called 29 Rooms! If you're the type of person who enjoys art, a beautiful walk through Williamsburg and a perfect Instagram opportunity then this is… Continue reading 29 Rooms!

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New Year, New Ventures.

Hi Friends! I have a new project on the loose. For those who may have been reading my blog for some time now, you know that I went to university to study radio, television and film. In the meantime, while I am actively job searching, I decided to put my major, my equipment, and my… Continue reading New Year, New Ventures.

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I Graduated!

Hello Friends! Yesterday was quite the day. I walked in my universities commencement ceremony and graduated with a BA in my school's liberal arts department. I could not be more proud of myself! I'm also kind of weirded out by the fact that I'm currently sitting at home with not much to do besides unpack,… Continue reading I Graduated!

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I Did It Again!

Hi friends! Recently, I uploaded pictures from a photoshoot around the area of my university, and I got really positive feedback! I went on a school trip to the beautiful Los Angeles not too long ago and my room mate brought along her camera, so naturally, we decided to have some fun in the lovely… Continue reading I Did It Again!

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Food Festivals~Happy Bella

Hey Friends! I don't know about you all, but I am a huge fan of festivals and fairs. Anything that brings a town together with tents full of merchandise and unique foods from various areas. I love exploring new vendors and trying new things. Let's just add indulging in food festivals under my list of favorite… Continue reading Food Festivals~Happy Bella


Easter Brunchin’ and Thinkin’

  Hello Friends! Happy Sunday! And if you celebrate, Happy Easter. As you can see, I'm kicking off my Easter Sunday with a good ol' mimosa and a killer brunch. I hope you take this Sunday to do what is important to you. Whether it be spending time with family, friends, going for a walk,… Continue reading Easter Brunchin’ and Thinkin’

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PSAD: The Truth Behind The Problem

Hello friends! Today, I am here to educate you a bit on PSAD. Post-Study-Abroad-Depression. It's real and it hurts. Real bad. Roughly 4 weeks ago I came home and thoroughly enjoyed my time being home. The first three to four days were marvelous. But eventually, the high of being home faded away and I fell… Continue reading PSAD: The Truth Behind The Problem

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Warning: Senior Year Approaching

Hello Friends! Happy Friday. What a wonderful start to the weekend. I have officially handed in all necessary papers and such in order to proceed with senior year of college. SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. No matter how many times I write that or speak it out loud, it doesn't seem real. It is not real.… Continue reading Warning: Senior Year Approaching