My New Tattoo.


About two weeks ago, I decided to splurge for my birthday, 23 whole years (wow…), and get my second tattoo. Most likely my final tattoo because I surprisingly went bolder than I anticipated, and took up a good half portion of my back with this new ink, as you can see in the photograph.

I like the idea of tattoos as reminders, and representations of who you are. I like having them apart of my body because they need to be a significant part of who I am. On my right arm, I have the quote She Believed She Could So She Did.” This quote carry’s a lot of meaning from my childhood, as I grew up, and more importantly now, in my young adult life.

My most recent ink means even more to me. I have a strong passion for travel, which escalated profusely when I studied abroad in college, and visited close to 9 different cities.

Since then my travel bug has been strong, and I always need to have a trip booked, or have one in the works. I’m truly training myself to learn, as a new 23 year old, the meaning of material items versus experiences. I am the happiest when I’m on an adventure, and this tattoo is a reminder of that.

The phrase do more of what makes you happy really stands tall, because if you’re not happy, what are you doing?

Think about it. 

If you live in the tristate area, and are looking to have a quality tattoo done, I highly recommend checking out Art Machine Productions in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Great artists, amazing quality, and a lifetime of art.