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Sunday Hot Coco Chat

Hello all friends, avid readers, and scrollers, For those of you who received a mound of snow this past weekend, you'd probably agree that today of all days, is the most ideal to sit and sip on a hot beverage from the warmth of the indoors. That's exactly what I'm doing as well, and wanted… Continue reading Sunday Hot Coco Chat

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What’s the Rush?

  Hi Friends, So I've been thinking a lot about life. Every day and what that represents. Time, and what that means. It all moves so fast doesn't it? We go on day after day, and what exactly are we putting our hours into? Thats what my mind has been toying with the most lately.… Continue reading What’s the Rush?

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Hello. This is Me.

Hi Friends! Another edition of "Bella writes what's on her mind, so heres another monologue" for you to enjoy. I thought about what Summer 2017 means to me and what I wish to accomplish. And here it is, in the flesh. Something to think about and ponder as you go about your everyday routine. Hello.… Continue reading Hello. This is Me.

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Take a Moment and Breathe.

  Hello Friends! As I have previously mentioned, I recently graduated. About a week ago from right now actually! I'm now at home, trying to wrap my head around everything, and also spending hours upon hours a day on my laptop searching for work. The downside of all of this, is that two days before… Continue reading Take a Moment and Breathe.

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Hello Friends! This is a new edition to my 'Coffee Chat's' area of my website! Besides our casual conversations, I also want to share some art. Some guidance. Something you can ponder while sipping on your morning, afternoon, or evening coffee. Something you can read, reflect, or even respond to. I'm excited to share a… Continue reading You.

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Coffee Chat: Feeling Lonely

Hello Friends! I'm excited to be back writing my beloved coffee chats. And I'm actually sipping on a late night cappuccino right now, so you could say I'm quite content. My mind has been swirling with ideas lately. Most creative, as I am graduating in 39 days from my university and have a list of… Continue reading Coffee Chat: Feeling Lonely

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Sunday Coffee Chat

Hello Friends! Happy Sunday to you where ever you reside in the world. Sundays are a perfect time to relax, reflect, have an amazing cup of coffee and do what ever you need to do in order to recharge for the week. Typically on a Sunday I would sit around and cringe at the fact… Continue reading Sunday Coffee Chat