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The Ultimate Routine.

It's an on-going phenomenon. Now that I've entered what many refer to as "the real world," I'm noticing more and more the daily occurrence of most adults. Taking mental notes, if you will. Get up, put on work clothes, sit in traffic, go to work, stay late at work, go home, cook, clean, go to… Continue reading The Ultimate Routine.

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Time To Take Out The Trash.

Hi Friends! I had a thought recently that I wanted to expand on here, in this forum. Moving along in our lives, we go through various stages. Grade school, university, different work environments, different cities and places we live. We pick up new people along the way and drop off others in exchange. Some people… Continue reading Time To Take Out The Trash.

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It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan.

  Hello Friends! As you may or may not have read recently on my blog, I have officially graduated from my university. I am off in the world, and ready to take on the real world. Or, so I thought... In my mind, I always imagined myself graduating with a job, and a place to… Continue reading It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan.

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Take a Moment and Breathe.

  Hello Friends! As I have previously mentioned, I recently graduated. About a week ago from right now actually! I'm now at home, trying to wrap my head around everything, and also spending hours upon hours a day on my laptop searching for work. The downside of all of this, is that two days before… Continue reading Take a Moment and Breathe.

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Bad Habits You Need To Quit Now.

Hello Friends! This afternoon I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed and I came across this and really stared at it for awhile until it registered. I wasn't having the best day until I read this and realized that there are certain things in life you cannot control, and that's perfectly okay. Worrying over… Continue reading Bad Habits You Need To Quit Now.

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Anxiety: It Really Sucks.

Hello Friends! This is my first edition of coffee chats. If you've been around awhile, you know I discuss topics and try to give advice from my young adult perspective. Since I have taken a bit of a break, I decided to give this life talk series a name. Coffee chats. Because I love to… Continue reading Anxiety: It Really Sucks.


Back To School: Thoughts and Advice

  Hello Friends. So, any of you who are in school now are probably swarmed with school assignments, extracurricular activities and scheduling time to see your friends. I just moved into school a few hours ago and I'm already thinking, "where did my summer go?" I genuinely feel as if my summer just flew past… Continue reading Back To School: Thoughts and Advice



Hey All! It's been too long. My apologies.ย I really miss writing and now that my classes are officially over there is nothing in my way. I've missed this virtual diary of mine. It feels so refreshing to sit down, have a quiet moment to myself and just write. I have not been up to much… Continue reading Stress


College: Is it worth the cost?

Hello Friends! I literally have not written in a month, and I blame only myself for that (and perhaps the heaps of school work kindly assigned by my professors). Anyway, recently I have been working on an essay for my research writing class and the topic of the essay is the cost of an education… Continue reading College: Is it worth the cost?