Dear 2018.


We hear this concept all the time. Every year that the clock strikes midnight, you’ve got that group of optimistic people at the party saying that this year is the year they’re going to fly and thrive! And sometimes they stick to that motivational feeling, and other times it fades away, and another year fly’s by with you feeling just as disheartened as the previous.

I’ve always felt that as the years passed by, nothing ever changed. I went from one year of school to the next, and my goals were always the same: keep my grades up, don’t spend too much money, call home often, and don’t die at a frat party.

This year truly is the beginning of my adulthood, as it is my first year out of college, and my first year in an adult job. A lot has changed from 2017 to 2018 just within a few short months.

I think I’m at a point in my life where I’m truly capable of making a change, for the better. If you feel like this is your year too, don’t hesitate to create a game plan and get moving. Waiting until you’re ready isn’t ideal, because we all remember how fast 2017 went by, so just imagine how quickly it will be until we start counting down to 2019.

That being said. I have a few things to say to our new friend, 2018.

Dear 2018,

It feels surreal that we’re in a year as crazy as this one. We’ve made it this far, and there’s so many things to do. I have so much hope for these next 356 days.

I hope that instead of agreeing as a community that our planet is dying, we do all we can to save it.

I hope that our governmental system doesn’t go down in flames and can be resurrected from the deep hole of anguish it currently seems to be in.

I hope that I can be in a position in my life where I wake up every morning not dreading my alarm clock.

I hope that the tasks I call work are something I am in love with, and add to the creative bucket of art that the world currently holds.

I hope that I can be in a position where I allow myself to travel more than once in a blue moon, and that I can see more of the world and expand my knowledge of culture.

I hope that I can thrive in a setting I call home, and begin my own life and newfound happiness.

I hope that my friends, family and loved ones all achieve these things and truly understand what it means to live for themselves, and live in the moment, because the clock is ticking and you never know when the time will be up.

I hope.





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