Feeling Alone For Christmas.


Hello Friends, and Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas Day (clearly I’m publishing this a few days later). And I am sitting at home, in front of my fireplace and Christmas tree, reflecting on my past year.

I find that as I get older, the holidays seem to get more and more melancholy. Especially the year of college graduation, when so many simultaneous changes are happening. And so many things are sitting still, and not moving.

I’m motivated to use 2017 as a kick starter to making 2018 my year. And yes, I said that last year but sometimes you just can’t control fate, motivation, and the lack of resources you may have to go full speed ahead. But you bet I’m going to put things in line for this year! As of now I already have trips planned, emails sent, and appointments booked because I’m destined to make myself the person I strive to be.

Life is so short, and I would hate to have 2019 coming around the corner and once again be saying, “Boy, this year just flew by didn’t it?” without having any tangible proud accomplishments on the table.

Now is the time to set forth on the path you’ve been meaning to take, no matter how hard that adventure may be.

I know that for this coming year, I look forward to getting a step closer to my dream career, acquiring my own living space, and feeling more financially secure.

I know those are broad and vague, but at least two of the three can be somewhat accomplished in my opinion. My journey starts now! The tricky part will be staying positive, but it’s like I always tell myself:

She Believed She Could So She Did.”

Thank you for being a part of this strange yet personal online corner of the internet I share. Cheers to a new start.




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