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A Sunday Reminder.



Hello Friends.

Just me popping in to talk about something I probably think about more often than not. Something I have most certainly ranted about on this little forum before.

Earlier today, I was having quite an intense conversation with two friends of mine about friendships, relationships, and societies expectations. Being in our 20’s, my friends and I, we’re expected to accomplish certain things and live life a particular way. You either are expected to be working full time, working an internship, going to grad school, or moving out along with any of the above. If you’re not partaking in any options even similar to the ones mentioned, you get looked at with a funny expression.

I feel like society isn’t open enough about options. Taking a different road. Ignoring the norm. Life moves incredibly fast, to the point where I cannot comprehend that 2018 is coming our way in a matter of weeks.

I always told myself that life after college would be all about me. Moving to the city I desire, and waking up in the morning excited to go to work. That did not happen and because of my pressured decisions, I am among the majority of citizens who attend a job they particularly aren’t that passionate about. A nine to five job, Monday through Friday, five days a week.

A good number of the pressured decisions that are made have to do with family and expectations. What ones siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, or parents did. The pressure is a heavy weight that you ultimately need a lot of courage to say “no” to and get rid of. That’s the hard part though. Saying no.

Something I definitely want and need to incorporate into my life more. Learn when it’s appropriate for you to say yes and when it’s best for you to say no, because at the end of the day it’s your life and your choices that matter!

Until next time,






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