The Ultimate Routine.

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It’s an on-going phenomenon. Now that I’ve entered what many refer to as “the real world,” I’m noticing more and more the daily occurrence of most adults. Taking mental notes, if you will. Get up, put on work clothes, sit in traffic, go to work, stay late at work, go home, cook, clean, go to bed. I mean, what kind of lifestyle is that?

A good percentage of the adults partaking in this drying routine dislike their life to some extent: whether it be their job, the people involved, or something else.

I’ve been working for a grand total of two months and so far noticing how I’m slowly being affected. My mother will text me nearly every evening asking when she should expect me home and I constantly have to respond back with a classic “I’m working late tonight (again)”. Not to mention the hour or so commute back home. And no, this is not me complaining or asking for a pity party. What I am doing is recognizing that the daily routine of the average American stinks. You spend a majority of your young adult life going to school, doing homework and generally being carefree. And bam, a few months later, you’re suddenly thrown into this entirely new bubble.

I’m also aware that it’s currently super trendy and annoying to the general public when millennials talk about how they don’t want to work because of x, y, and z. But before you judge the majority of the younger generations, take in account that there could possibly be some validity to this statement. Whatever the reasoning may be, it’s not necessarily us being lazy or unmotivated. There could also be a fear of routine. A fear that once you step foot in that pool of water, you’re stuck. A fear that you’ll have to take the first job offer you get and maybe you’ll never actually use the degree you took out $50,000 plus in loans for. It’s an extremely valid fear to have. One that I am currently living within right now.

I encourage any of you who have not opened the door to the full fledged working world to avoid the routine. No, I’m not saying don’t earn a living. But I am saying, don’t earn a living just to pay the bills. If you’ve got one life to live you surely should do just that. Live.

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*She believed she could so she did*




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