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29 Rooms!

Hi Friends! The other day I decided to head into Brooklyn, New York City to a pop up art museum being featured for only a limited time in the city called 29 Rooms! If you're the type of person who enjoys art, a beautiful walk through Williamsburg and a perfect Instagram opportunity then this is… Continue reading 29 Rooms!

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What’s the Rush?

  Hi Friends, So I've been thinking a lot about life. Every day and what that represents. Time, and what that means. It all moves so fast doesn't it? We go on day after day, and what exactly are we putting our hours into? Thats what my mind has been toying with the most lately.… Continue reading What’s the Rush?

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New Year, New Ventures.

Hi Friends! I have a new project on the loose. For those who may have been reading my blog for some time now, you know that I went to university to study radio, television and film. In the meantime, while I am actively job searching, I decided to put my major, my equipment, and my… Continue reading New Year, New Ventures.