29 Rooms!

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Hi Friends!

The other day I decided to head into Brooklyn, New York City to a pop up art museum being featured for only a limited time in the city called 29 Rooms! If you’re the type of person who enjoys art, a beautiful walk through Williamsburg and a perfect Instagram opportunity then this is perfect for you. And if you don’t happen to live on the East Coast, 29 rooms will be making its way to LA in December. Unfortunately, the New York tickets are all sold out. However, I went the other day and it was like one big communal photo shoot!

I had a blast playing around with my camera and fulfilling my creative needs! I highly recommend anyone who lives in or close to the New York City area to check out Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It’s adorable, quiet, trendy and totally up my ally. If you enjoy Tribeca in Manhattan, then you’ll love this area. Coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and cute shops galore!

Here are my favorite shots from the pop up museum!


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Cheers to the weekend and to end of the summer adventures!

Till next time,


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What’s the Rush?



Hi Friends,

So I’ve been thinking a lot about life. Every day and what that represents. Time, and what that means. It all moves so fast doesn’t it? We go on day after day, and what exactly are we putting our hours into? Thats what my mind has been toying with the most lately. Our hours, our minutes and our seconds. And where they’re headed.

It’s important for us to be happy and content with how we’re spending our time, because ultimately we only need to please ourselves. But there’s also other pressures to make that ideal image more complex. Getting a job, leasing an apartment or moving out of your parents house. Saving for retirement. All these things society places heavy pressure on. What if you don’t want to? What if you would rather not “go with the flow”? What if you tried doing what you want and less of what your family and friends expect you to do. If you want to backpack across Europe for a few months, I say do it. If you want to move across the country fresh out of college with little to no savings, go right ahead. We always learn the best when we fall the hardest. Why do we spend so much time overthinking? There’s far too many ‘what ifs’ and not enough ‘let’s do it’s’.

Maybe this is all rubbish. Maybe I’m just some young recent grad frustrated with the direction of the world. I may not know for a long time. But I do have the mind to think about it for awhile. I sit day after day pondering and wondering why I’m not moving forward and how to overcome all the obstacles in my way. I look at grad’s my age who are already on the road to the success I crave, and I sit more and think even more.

Sit. Think. Happy Sunday.

Until next time,