Hello. This is Me.

Hi Friends!

Another edition of “Bella writes what’s on her mind, so heres another monologue” for you to enjoy. I thought about what Summer 2017 means to me and what I wish to accomplish. And here it is, in the flesh.

Something to think about and ponder as you go about your everyday routine.

Hello. This is me.

“Being alone. Staring at yourself straight in the eyes. Who’s behind that mask? Is it you? How do we know? How do we understand where we stand? How do we appreciate our potential if we’re never alone? Being alone. It’s a terrifying process. Because you’re forced to face you. I’ve never been alone. Alone enough to have a conversation with me. To get to know me. To define me. Me. What does that stand for? Among a crowd of people in a busy subway station, there I am. Standing there. But what does that mean? In the busy traffic of rush hour when everyone is cutting each other; huffing and puffing. There’s my car. And me. But what does that mean? People go through life running. From one place to the next. Not taking time to appreciate what they see, because all they see is the next thing. Everyone’s got a planner, and the more you can fill it the better. With things. Plans. People. Is there any time for you in there? And what does this all mean? Being busy. Day by day. We all do it. What does it mean? To you? To everyone else? Have you learned who you are before you show yourself to others? When you shake someones hand and introduce yourself, what is the meaning behind your name? Did you ever take the time to learn? We always make time for the people who are most important to us right? Then why did you not start with you? Me. You. We have a lot of learning to do. A lot of self loving to do. So go and do it. How will you ever love anyone else if you don’t love you first. Hello. This is Me. And I’m gonna go find out who that is.”

Until next time,

Bella 🙂

~She believed she could, so she did.~


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