It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan.



Hello Friends!

As you may or may not have read recently on my blog, I have officially graduated from my university. I am off in the world, and ready to take on the real world. Or, so I thought…

In my mind, I always imagined myself graduating with a job, and a place to live all for myself. I imagined myself having money in the bank, and living my absolute best life.

That is not the reality of the situation. I am currently back home, and I have been for about two weeks now. I have no full time job lined up. I have very little funds. My diploma hasn’t even been mailed to me yet. I am just here. Taking on the days as they come to me. I could be really sad, upset, and depressed about this right? Especially while some of my friends are already off, moving places, traveling the world or working.

But, I have a clear set goal and direction in my mind. I know what I want. I know what I love to do. I know where I want to move to. I know how much money I need in order to do so. I was extremely stressed for the first week of being home. Paranoid that things weren’t happening quickly enough. I still feel anxious about it.

I’ve calmed down though. It took a lot of people to engrain this into my brain, but I’ve been learning recently, how to live. Yes, I don’t have a job. Yes, I am home. Okay, great. But I am so blessed. Blessed to be living back in my childhood house with my mom. Blessed to be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want. Blessed to have friends that I can drive and see whenever I want to. Blessed that I have a family who takes care of me, and vise versa.

Life couldn’t be better. I told my mom last night, that this is probably the only time in my life that I will be able to live this way. Not worry about finances. Live in a beautiful home and have someone pay for me. And take care of me. It just doesn’t get better than this. I am eternally grateful. So, I have been spending my free time post graduation reflecting on my life. Looking at all that I have accomplished and thinking about what I want to accomplish next.

Life is so short, and so full. We can’t simply keep going going going, or else we’re going to miss it all.

Do you have a plan? Great! Don’t have a plan? Wonderful! Even better. Every day will be a surprise. Congratulations! That’s the best kind of journey.

Until next time,

Bella 🙂

~She believed she could, so she did~


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One thought on “It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan.

  1. I soooooo needed to read this! Think too many people need reminding that no plan is ok. IT WILL ALL WORK OUT! xoxox Love this and you! … p.s. Very excited about finally finding this blog site and getting to read all your entries 😀 xoxox

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