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Hello. This is Me.

Hi Friends! Another edition of "Bella writes what's on her mind, so heres another monologue" for you to enjoy. I thought about what Summer 2017 means to me and what I wish to accomplish. And here it is, in the flesh. Something to think about and ponder as you go about your everyday routine. Hello.… Continue reading Hello. This is Me.

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Time To Take Out The Trash.

Hi Friends! I had a thought recently that I wanted to expand on here, in this forum. Moving along in our lives, we go through various stages. Grade school, university, different work environments, different cities and places we live. We pick up new people along the way and drop off others in exchange. Some people… Continue reading Time To Take Out The Trash.

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It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan.

  Hello Friends! As you may or may not have read recently on my blog, I have officially graduated from my university. I am off in the world, and ready to take on the real world. Or, so I thought... In my mind, I always imagined myself graduating with a job, and a place to… Continue reading It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan.