Finding Your Box.


Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday to all. I woke up in quite a thoughtful type of mood, so decided to write another piece. Here is another little slice of my mind for you all to ponder.

Today’s edition of “Welcome-to-Bella’s-Thoughts” is called Finding Your Box.


~Bella 🙂

“There are an infinite amount of numbers in this world. Now imagine that each of those numbers is a box. You can spend an entire lifetime sifting through every single one of those boxes, looking for just the right one. The one that makes you smile for no reason. The one that gives you the confidence to take on your wildest dreams. The one that fills your heart with butterflies even after the honeymoon phase has gone. The one that will listen to you talk about your day even when theres hardly anything interesting to discuss. It’s your box. Your special someone. Your person. And I swear, when you find it, you’re going to experience an emotion you never even thought was possible. It’s the emotion adults have been telling you you’ll feel when you “grow up” for years now, and you’d just roll your eyes and walk away. Not this time. You’re going to embrace it, and feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s unexplainable, unimaginable, but my friend, it’s real. It’s so real, it’ll rip you apart. It’ll make you go absolutely insane, and it’ll keep you up at night. So why do we do this to ourselves? Well, because we’re human. We want to love and be loved. After all, love is the single most powerful thing on the planet.”


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