Hello Friends! This is a new edition to my ‘Coffee Chat’s’ area of my website! Besides our casual conversations, I also want to share some art. Some guidance. Something you can ponder while sipping on your morning, afternoon, or evening coffee. Something you can read, reflect, or even respond to.

I’m excited to share a little more of my art with you all. One project at a time.

Until next time ~ Bella.



“There’s something about you. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. But it’s there. I’m sure of it. In my early morning, while my eyes adjust to the lights beaming through my blinds, or perhaps while my ears adjust to the drip drop of the rain attacking my windowsill. My mind thinks of you. While I lay in my bed reprimanding myself for being sluggish and unproductive as the morning sunlight continues to gets stronger, my mind thinks of you. When I’m sitting in class, going for a walk, or attempting to have a conversation with friends, my mind still thinks of you. I need not know if you’re thinking of me. Because I, quite honestly, don’t care. I feel all I need to, whether the feeling fulfills you as well. If you’re having a good day I want to know. If you’re having a bad day I want to know. If you thought of the funniest joke in your mind and feel stupid telling me, don’t. I want to know. I want to know what you’re thinking about and I want to feel when you’re feeling somber. If there’s one thing I can promise you it’s this. I am not leaving, and you can’t get rid of me. You’ve fixed the darkness, the emptiness, and the missing piece of this miraculous mess I’m living every day. I invite you to join my lovely, upside down life. Every part of it. Right down to my anxiety attacks. I want to show you my rawest form. I want to show you when I’m okay and when I’m not okay. I want to live my longest, brightest, most amazing days with you as well as my darkest, dreariest, and most emotionally draining days too. Everything. All of it. All of me and all of you. Well, what do you say?”


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