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PSAD: The Truth Behind The Problem

Hello friends!

Today, I am here to educate you a bit on PSAD. Post-Study-Abroad-Depression. It’s real and it hurts. Real bad.

Roughly 4 weeks ago I came home and thoroughly enjoyed my time being home. The first three to four days were marvelous. But eventually, the high of being home faded away and I fell onto this wheel. The PSAD wheel. I decided to consult my friend who attended the same program as myself last fall, and he not only agreed with me but comforted me in knowing and understanding how hard the adjustment period can be.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being home and working and seeing my family. But there is so much about those four months in England that I’ll miss. It was the time of my life and I’ll always be grateful for everything I gained.

Part of my issue is I am afraid of falling back into my rut. One of the best things about leaving was getting out of my everyday routine and flipping my world upside down. Now I’m back into my routine and I’m afraid of getting lost into it.

I’m also afraid of forgetting all those lovely days I spent on the cobblestone street’s of England. I mean that says it all doesn’t it?

It’s a normal situation to be in after a four month endeavor and I know I’ll shake it off eventually.

To anyone who just finished a wonderful semester abroad, know that it’s all good. Focus on having a great summer and getting those cobwebs out of your bank account.

Till next time,





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