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Warning: Senior Year Approaching

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday. What a wonderful start to the weekend. I have officially handed in all necessary papers and such in order to proceed with senior year of college. SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. No matter how many times I write that or speak it out loud, it doesn’t seem real. It is not real. I refuse.

There is no better proof of the phrase time flies than being in college. At this point in my life, I struggle to remember last year as a junior let alone freshman year. I remember the mistakes, the boys, the good times and the first exams but gosh do I not understand how three years just walked right in front of me.

As I just arrived home from being abroad, I am trying to cling so very dearly onto those travel memories, which makes this past year even more crazy to me. I know this year will fly, so I downright refuse to wish for a day to come or look forward to something. Because every day is sacred.

Someone asked me today, for the first time since being home, “What are your plans for post graduation?” I didn’t even answer because I have absolutely no clue. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am working hard towards making my resume bomb. Study abroad, running three different blogs, a youtube channel, my two jobs, assistant directing my friend’s show and don’t even mention classes in the fall. I’m running myself out of energy, but let’s face it. I already had a four month literal vacation so this summer is go time for me. The official launch of my senior year. And it doesn’t even feel real.

I was expressing to my friend earlier that my last four months in England felt like I was in a super long coma. I try to remember it all now, only a week later, and feel like it was a dream. I was so blessed to be able to live the way I did, and honestly I still feel a little hazy. Like what I’m doing now isn’t real. I’m at a state now where I understand how precious life is. Every day is precious. There’s no need to waste it. Because before you know it, you’ve studied abroad, made it three years in college (some how) and have exactly nine academic months left before you’re supposed to be an adult, living in an apartment with roommates working some 9-5 job…

Sounds fun right? Not really. My aim is to do as much freelance work as possible post college. And yeah you’re probably thinking “Oh wow, another millennial who doesn’t want to enter the real world.” Nope, you’re wrong. I want to be as creative as possible, love my job, and be happy whether it be an office job I love or self employment. After all, I did not put four years of tuition into classes and housing just to have a job I despise. If more people understood that concept, perhaps the world would be just a tad of a happier place. Then again, not everyone can afford to live their dream. But gosh darn, am I going to try.

Until next time,



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