Sunday Coffee Chat

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday to you where ever you reside in the world. Sundays are a perfect time to relax, reflect, have an amazing cup of coffee and do what ever you need to do in order to recharge for the week.

Typically on a Sunday I would sit around and cringe at the fact that Monday was approaching, but its summer now! Which mean’s Sunday picnics or amusement parks or walks or beach days or whatever else floats your boat.

Since I have been traveling Europe for the past four months or so, I have found the importance of not standing still for too long. Let me explain: it’s important to find a balance between relaxing, and doing nothing and also getting up, out and doing something new.

I’ve always thought of my home state to be rather boring, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Since I have found a love for exploration and travel, I’m hungry for more. I’m determined to find the coolest spots and hidden places. I also want to explore the states more as I know there are so many beautiful places to see. Essentially, I’ve decided that getting into a routine and being in a rut isn’t great for you, physically or mentally.

Before I decided to study abroad, I was in the worst mood, in the worst rut possible. Work, homework, class, sleep, repeat. I wasn’t doing anything, but running myself out of energy. When I decided to flip that routine upside down and find myself, I discovered that travel and the unknown are what fuels me. So despite me having two jobs this summer and working my butt off to get my bank account back to a respectable amount, I’m refusing to stay put and live each day as I please. Full of adventure. It’s the only way to prevent myself from going insane. I mean, routines are fine…they’re just not for me.

Live every day how you want to. No matter what anyone says. Try new things. Go abroad. We are not meant, as people, to just work work work till the weekend and do it all over again. Work to reward yourself. What else are you saving for?

Think about it.

Until next time,



Bad Habits You Need To Quit Now.

Hello Friends!

This afternoon I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed and I came across this and really stared at it for awhile until it registered.


I wasn’t having the best day until I read this and realized that there are certain things in life you cannot control, and that’s perfectly okay. Worrying over every little thing will age you quicker and ultimately make you a miserable person to be around and who wants that.

So give yourself time to reflect on these key points on this beautiful Sunday afternoon and put yourself in check. If you’re guilty of any of these things, then quit them and do it now.

Until next time,