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Warning: Senior Year Approaching

Hello Friends! Happy Friday. What a wonderful start to the weekend. I have officially handed in all necessary papers and such in order to proceed with senior year of college. SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. No matter how many times I write that or speak it out loud, it doesn't seem real. It is not real.… Continue reading Warning: Senior Year Approaching

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Sunday Coffee Chat

Hello Friends! Happy Sunday to you where ever you reside in the world. Sundays are a perfect time to relax, reflect, have an amazing cup of coffee and do what ever you need to do in order to recharge for the week. Typically on a Sunday I would sit around and cringe at the fact… Continue reading Sunday Coffee Chat

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Bad Habits You Need To Quit Now.

Hello Friends! This afternoon I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed and I came across this and really stared at it for awhile until it registered. I wasn't having the best day until I read this and realized that there are certain things in life you cannot control, and that's perfectly okay. Worrying over… Continue reading Bad Habits You Need To Quit Now.