Back To School: Thoughts and Advice


Back-to-school-study-hardHello Friends.

So, any of you who are in school now are probably swarmed with school assignments, extracurricular activities and scheduling time to see your friends. I just moved into school a few hours ago and I’m already thinking, “where did my summer go?” I genuinely feel as if my summer just flew past me, even though it was a whole month longer than normal! Anyways, I’m sitting in my dorm room reminiscing over my summer break and absolutely cannot believe it’s already a new school year.

I always tend to wonder how a year is going to go for me before it even happens. Last year, for example, was unexpectedly fantastic. I came into my university with the intention of transferring and even sent applications out to my dream schools but then grew to love where I am. I wonder why sometimes, but a lot of times things don’t happen the way you plan. I honestly do not regret my decision and have found happiness. I feel that is one of the most important elements to a good year-finding genuine happiness.

If you’re starting at a university this year and are feeling skeptical, my advice to you is to give it a shot. Try to see the light, as cheesy as that sounds, because sometimes it’s there. As much as I did not want to like where I was, the light forced its way into my life. Now here I am sitting in my dorm room, not airconditioned (yippee….) and am feeling excited for the future. Classes start the day after tomorrow and I’m feeling pumped. I am fortunate enough to be able to take classes at some adjourning universities which happen to be Ivy Leagues. So, I obviously cannot wait for that. Sometimes it takes awhile to be happy where you are, so if you are feeling misplaced at your school, give it a shot. If after awhile your not feeling at home then consider adjusting your environment.

Enjoy your classes, study hard, make friends, and have a fantastic freaking year 🙂

Until Next Time,



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