I’ve Been A Bad Blogger

May 22nd. 8:33am. This is the last time I wrote on here. I am officially the worst blogger in the entire world. If there was an award for that….it would be mine.

Hello Friends.

Not really the introduction I was going for but I’m just going with the flow. I haven’t written all summer. ALL SUMMER. There really is no excuse for it and I do apologize.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I may as well give an update on what’s been happening. There’s so much really, that I don’t even know where to begin.

I’ll start at the beginning. My freshman year of university ends and I do what any normal college girl would do I suppose, and spend loads of time lounging around the house, appreciating summer weather and liberty from all school assignments. When that wore off I realized that I should probably get a proper job but thought that my online “working from home” job sounded better so, against my better judgement, I stuck with it.

I then realized how much free time I had and felt like it was almost a bad thing but I did commute back and forth to my university several times a week as I am on the executive staff. My proper title is called, Productions Director, and it is a lot more difficult than it sounds. My university’s radio station is on air FM radio so if someone messes up, everyone gets in big trouble. It technically counts as an internship and looks quite nice on a resume.

While doing both those things I also made several trips down to the beach where my best friend, Hannah, was living for the summer and we got up to all sorts of shenanigans. As we are both major music lovers, my summer may have consisted of several amazing VIP experiences. Music just makes my world go round.

As my sister has been abroad in England for the past year earning her master’s degree, I made an extremely spontaneous trip to visit her for a week. It was my first time traveling alone, which seemed horrifying to me at first but I came to really enjoy it. It made me feel like a true adult and I was amazed at myself when I reached the other side, even though it was not really that difficult. I suppose it was just a milestone I had finally reached. Anyway, we had the most amazing week ever. Being in a beautiful city, especially London, in the summer time with your big sister is one of the most incredible things ever. I can’t even truly put it into words. I have the best memories from that trip….perhaps I’ll do a blog post specifically dedicated to that trip and what we got up to because we did quite a bit.

After returning from that beautiful hiatus I went back to work, back to my position at my schools radio station and just went with the flow until my sister returned from England. Yes, even though I saw her and then she moved back home nearly two weeks later I would not replace that trip for anything in the world.  Incredible. It was incredible.

So now, after a summer of barley earning any money yet doing quite a bit I have turned into a worried college student once again. Basically, it is all finance. Any of you who are returning back to university understand how annoying it can be to have a long list of textbooks to purchase and the total cost of the books comes out to the same amount that is lying in your bank account. Best feeling ever, am I right? What to do. Well, work I suppose. Part of me is quite anxious to finish up college because I feel it is way more costly than just being an adult and working every day, yet being in college allows me to make connections that I would not have if I were just working from my home every day. I would also not know so many awesome people if I skipped my education. All I really need to do is remind myself of that and just get through it all. That’s sort of the best way to get through anything, I suppose. Remind yourself of the benefits and push yourself through it.

Now I am sitting at my computer and in nearly a week, I move back into university. Part of me is excited while the other part of me is wondering how I will manage my schoolwork and the two jobs I plan to work plus my internship at the radio station. I guess I could just remove my social life…we’ll see how it goes.

Anyways, I better get on with my packing. I promise I’ll be good and write more. I’ll admit, it does help me clear my mind.

Until next time,



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