Bella’s Brief Blab

Hello Friends!

I feel like I have not had a proper catch up with you all in some time now. There has been loads happening recently that I would like to share with you all.

I feel like the most significant bit of news is that I am in the process of participating in a feature film! No, it will not be in cinemas, but it will go up online and will be sent off to numerous film festivals! It’s called Villify, and it will hopefully be all put together by the end of July. I’m not filming it, but I am acting in it! It all happened by luck really. At my university, the theatre program was offering students to take extra’s parts in this film and I immediately signed up. On set I became quite friendly with the director and weeks later I received a phone call out of no where from the director asking if I would take on a small supporting role. Of course I flipped out, while still keeping my cool, and said of course.

So on May 18th, 2014 I drove to location, quite nervous actually, and spent a lovely day on set. This is all quite new for me as I am typically a theatre actress. Film is something that fascinates me and the idea of being on camera is crazy to me. But I love the concept of creating content with meaning and content that can change someones outlook on nearly anything. After being in that environment I decided that I would love to work on creating more film and even dive into acting more as well. After leaving set and saying goodbye to all of my new friends I took that drive home to really think. I realized that I was feeling something unfamiliar to myself. I was feeling a way that I could not recognize. Then it hit me. The last time I had felt like this was my senior year of high school when myself and the drama club performed the last show of our spring musical, Gigi. I hadn’t felt this in months: the feeling of absolute and pure happiness. Feeling content and feeling like nothing could bring me down. No matter what anybody said to me I’d be fine. This feeling lasted me a few days and I realized that nothing else I do in my life provides me with that state of mind, besides playing piano for others, which is another type of performing, and being with those that I love.

I officially feel that I have found my home. Nothing else excites me as much. But my question to myself is, even if you find your ultimate happy place, are you to embrace it full time even if you know it will not support you financially, or are you to divulge in a career of wealth and always know you could be using your time in other ways? I fully feel that every person is placed on this earth for a reason and we are meant to utilize our talents. If people didn’t create and go against the norm then we wouldn’t have art. For some of us, it is our outlet and our escape. It’s the one part of life that allows people to express themselves. I honestly have no idea what I would do without the arts.

For those of you who are also theatre nerds, you probably know as well as I do that one of the best forms of relaxation is buying a ticket and going to the theatre. The downside for me is after being in that environment I always envy the talent and opportunities the actors on stage have. Then I tell myself, if I continue to work hard maybe I can do it too. Perhaps my time just hasn’t arrived yet.

I guess what I am trying to say with all of this is this: if you have something that makes you the happiest person on the planet, don’t stop doing it. If it gives you joy then continue on your way. Push past all those people who bring you negativity and don’t stop fighting for what you love. Other wise, what else do we really have to live for?

Wow, I am suddenly feeling very inspired to go play some Tchaikovsky on the piano. That was my catch up for now. Thanks for listening guys.

Until next time,



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