Hey All! It’s been too long. My apologies. I really miss writing and now that my classes are officially over there is nothing in my way.

I’ve missed this virtual diary of mine. It feels so refreshing to sit down, have a quiet moment to myself and just write. I have not been up to much but finishing the hectic last few weeks of finals. One more to go and I am home for the Summer. There now lays four fresh months ahead of me to do anything I please. What a lovely thought.

I have been dealing with some unnecessary stress lately and that stress is appropriately labeled, people. Let’s face it, people are stressful. Especially hormonal college students. Not to get too deep here or anything, but lately I’ve had more male drama in my life than I would particularly want. Something I have learned recently, which has clearly taken me awhile, is that the male species is just as confusing as the female species. Any of you who have been through this awkward  stage in life already know what I am referring to.

The other stress is not just people, but family. Seriously, as much as I love my family they add another layer of stress to my life, even when I am not living at home. I am the type of person who likes to make sure everyone is happy before I focus on my own well being and if my life is not perfectly aligned then I get uneasy, nervous and anxious until all is well again. What does not help is the fact that my lovely sister is thousands of miles away from me and we have very little means of communication, which is bothersome as she is one of the few people I communicate with daily.

I just continue to look forward to more peaceful days, which I feel Summer will appropriately bring to me. I know everyone has aspects of life that stress them out and right now I feel like fate is throwing them all to me at once. Lately, I have been trying to find ways to cope with all of these feelings I’m having and I have compiled a little list of what sometimes helps me:

My Anti-Stress List

  • Listening to your absolute favorite music. What even helps me, is creating an anti-stress playlist that I can immediately resort to when things get too overwhelming.
  • Be alone and enjoy a long walk. Now that warmer weather is peaking through a walk alone is the perfect way to clear your head and gather your thoughts.
  • Venting. This is tricky because you do not want to just chuck your problems at anyone. You need to be selective with this and choose someone whom you trust and someone that you feel the most comfortable with whether it be a super close friend or a family member.
  • Cry. I know this sounds simple and perhaps stupid but trust me it works. Bottling everything up inside is one of the biggest mistakes I made this semester at school and I just recently realized that having a good cry really relieves a lot.
  • Write. Writing down everything you feel, especially if you have no one to vent to, is extremely satisfying. You should try it sometime.
  • Sing it out or play a musical instrument of your choice. This is huge for me. Even if you don’t sing, shout it out when your alone. No one will judge you. If you play an instrument, as I do, select a piece that fits your mood and play like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve resorted to this the most and not only does it cleanse your soul but you feel recharged afterwords too.
  • Go to the theatre. This is, of course, if you are a theatre nerd like myself. There’s no other feeling than escaping the reality of your world and entering your happy place. For me, my happy place is the theatre. Even if I cannot go see a show what I will do is access one of the three theaters on my campus and just sit there. Being in a positive environment brings back happy memories for me which then helps me forget my troubles. So, whatever your happy place is, go and find it.
  • Retail therapy. Only if you can afford it.

So there are just a few of the methods I use to release my every day stresses. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life right now, my only advice is to hang in there because it won’t last forever, trust me. Just relax and take time for yourself. Also remember that whenever insignificant drama is thrown at you just think about if it really matters. Odd’s are it’s just a small issue that will unfold it self in no time.

Until next time,



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