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Bella’s Brief Blab


Hello Friends!

Wow I have not written in quite a while now. I really miss having the leisurely time I used to have at home to write whenever I pleased. Now I am running around doing this and that so finding time is a luxury.

So, I felt that the only appropriate way to jump back in was to do a life update. I’m about a month and a half into university now and it’s definitely not what I thought it would be. Of course I expected the work load that I have now but as far as the lifestyle goes, it has been different. I have had to get used to reminding myself to go eat instead of hearing my sister call me for dinner. Speaking of my sister, I have not seen her in about two months which has been very difficult considering we spent every waking moment together for the past two years. I also very much miss my mother but since I have the privilege of being so close to my home, driving to see her is never an issue.

I guess what I miss is the lifestyle of living at home with my family. However, I’ve realized that being away from my home along with my family and friends has made me appreciate seeing them even more. It has also made me appreciate sleeping in my own bed.

I have learned from living away from home that the only person who is going to help me is myself. Opportunities will not come my way unless I chase them. Life is what you make of it so if you sit around and refuse to explore the chances around you, you’ll never accomplish anything. Everyone is their own worst enemy. Everyone is also their best motivator. Making the most of any situation is the best way for you to enjoy life.

I encourage all of you to be your own motivators and go do something for yourself. In the end, you’ll feel like the most accomplished person in the world.

Until next time,



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