Surviving University 101: Friends

Hello Friends! How is everyone doing?Girl-Hiding

As most of you know if you read my last Bella’s Brief Blab, I have now officially begun this new adventure called college. Let me tell you, this is quite the adjustment to make. Typically I would be writing this blog post in my dining room at home. However, I am writing this on my small dorm room desk that is cramped up against my small wooden bed. Ah, this is the life. But I can’t really complain because I have the full advantage to drive home and see my mother whenever I please and to know that she and my lovely bed are only a short drive away makes this whole experience much easier.

I have realized that one thing I haven’t had to do in awhile is make new friends. Being thrown into this campus with thousands of kids I barely know is quite intimidating. I haven’t had to make new friends in ages because I’ve always had my friends right there with me. Now that we are all separated, it starts all over again. It’s a lot harder to make friends when your older and more mature versus when your in first grade and the only thing you have to do is offer to share your brand new set of crayons with the girl or boy sitting next to you. I don’t have any crayons to offer nor do I think that would impress anyone. It also doesn’t help when everyone has their iPhones shoved in front of their faces 24/7. Then everyone is just scrolling through Twitter and totally not socializing at all.

My advice to you friends, is do what I am doing. Join clubs. It really does help. I’ve only been here for about two days and just walking into the Theatre building I met someone who has the same passion I do. It was effortless really. If you love doing sports, then join a sport and you will surely find people who you can get along with. If you love the arts then try out for the schools musical.  After all, your going to be at this university for awhile so at least make the best of it. And if that doesn’t convince you then think about how much money your paying to stay at this college. You should seek out every opportunity you possibly can. I’m literally getting sick of sitting in my dorm room so that is enough motivation for me.

Now I know I’m making this sound easy. Trust me, it’s so not easy. I’m having just as much difficulty as you may be having but I’m trying to push myself. I’m a very awkward person when it comes to forced social situations or “icebreakers” as some schools call it. You just have to make the best of it. Thats all you can really do is push yourself and keep trying. If if doesn’t work out for you, then at least you know you tried.

Hang in there friends.

Until next time,



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