Inspirational Friday

Hello Friends! I hope everyone had a great week! If you didn't have such a great week or even if you had a bad day then I'm on a mission to cheer you up. I wanted to provide you all with some inspiration because I feel that there is always room for motivation to pursue… Continue reading Inspirational Friday


Surviving University 101: Rejection

  Hello Friends! Oh my it has been awhile. One thing I have discovered since being at this university is that I have many things to do. I often times forget to eat dinner because I'll be up reading chapter after chapter of some assigned book for English class. I really miss the leisurely time… Continue reading Surviving University 101: Rejection


Surviving University 101: Friends

Hello Friends! How is everyone doing? As most of you know if you read my last Bella's Brief Blab, I have now officially begun this new adventure called college. Let me tell you, this is quite the adjustment to make. Typically I would be writing this blog post in my dining room at home. However,… Continue reading Surviving University 101: Friends