Inspirational Sunday

Hello Friends. How are you all doing?

So whenever I’m feeling a bit down I tend to search the internet for some inspirational quotes or sayings; anything that will cheer me up a bit. So this morning I found some pretty cheeky quotes that made me think and also inspired me. I want to share them with you all.


This one particularly speaks to me because I imagine this would be the most satisfying feeling. Especially if you have a dream and you constantly have people telling you it isn’t the right thing to do or that you would fail miserably. Imagine if you succeeded. That would shut them right up.


This second quote amazes me and inspires me as well. If you truly have a passion for something and you love it then a day will never pass where you will be unhappy.

So, hopefully you found some inspiration in these quotes. I find that reading these once in a while gives me motivation to keep going towards what I desire. I hope it does the same for you.

Until next time,



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