Hello friends! How are you all doing? I hope your doing well.

So, today I want to talk about saying yes. I have recently realized that in my early childhood, I said no to a lot of things. I didn’t include myself in many activities and I regret it. Saying yes to things allows you to have amazing adventures and to create memories. Curling up in your shell and being alone is fine to do once in awhile. Everyone needs “me” time. It’s important for your health physically and mentally. I am a huge fan of curling up on the couch and watching my favorite movie with a tub of frozen yogurt.

However, it is important to take part in things. You never know what might happen if you say yes. You could end up making a new friend or finding out that you have a passion for something that you would have not discovered if you didn’t say yes. Here’s an example. As a freshman in high school, I was the most uptight person on the planet. I was afraid of the upperclassman and literally never went to the bathroom alone or anywhere for that matter. But my sophomore year things changed for me. Instead of doing gym class, which I absolutely did not like, my oldest sister suggested I try dance class and I said yes. I absolutely fell in love with dancing and remembered why I had signed up as a little girl. I continued dance all throughout the rest of my high school career and I will hopefully continue in my university.

A second example is when I decided to try out for the school musical my sophomore year of high school. It was My Fair Lady and I wanted to be a part of it so badly. I tried out, rather horribly, and did not make the cast. Little did I realize that singing was required and it was just a royal mess. I literally went home and cried. Nevertheless, I did not let that kill my spirit. I went into my junior year with a new batch of confidence and I marched into the auditorium and auditioned for our school’s version of Romeo and Juliet. My confident audition must have worked because I landed a small ensemble role. From then on I made it into every school production until I graduated. If I said no to auditioning again I would have never discovered that I absolutely love acting. It is definitely something I want to pursue further.

The moral of the story is that if you open your mind to new things, it may turn out better then ever. Like me, you may discover a new hobby, make new friends or be a part of something fantastic. I’ll always be able to look back on my high school years and remember all of the amazing performances we, the cast and crew, had and all of great times we had together. Oh sure, you may fail the first or second time you try something but don’t start saying no again. Pick yourself up, say yes, and try try again.

*Now, of course, this does not mean saying yes to harmful things like drugs or alcohol. Never say yes to anything that could damage you or your well being. Always make smart choices and only say yes to what will positively impact you or your life.

So say yes, be a little crazy, have an amazing life, live the dream. “Yes” will bring you further. “No” will hold you back.

Until next time,




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