Bella’s Brief Blab

Hello friends. How is everyone doing? I hope your weekend was relaxing. Things have been quite crazy lately. Summer seems to be spiraling to an end as students are returning back to school and college students are packing up their bags to leave the comforts of their homes. I'm one of those busy college students… Continue reading Bella’s Brief Blab


Inspirational Sunday

Hello Friends. How are you all doing? So whenever I'm feeling a bit down I tend to search the internet for some inspirational quotes or sayings; anything that will cheer me up a bit. So this morning I found some pretty cheeky quotes that made me think and also inspired me. I want to share… Continue reading Inspirational Sunday



  Hello friends! How are you all doing? I hope your doing well. So, today I want to talk about saying yes. I have recently realized that in my early childhood, I said no to a lot of things. I didn't include myself in many activities and I regret it. Saying yes to things allows… Continue reading Yes!


Making Big Decisions

Hello friends. As Summer is unfortunately beginning to wind down, I've been thinking a lot about moving onto college and my future. I also have been speaking to many people who have dealt with their future in different ways. Along with that I have been seeing many interviews with people who have made a difference… Continue reading Making Big Decisions