Bella’s Brief Blab

Hello friends. I was going through my blog posts and realized that I have not done an update on my life in awhile. So, that is what todays blog will consist of. Before I go into details on that I first wanted to give a big shout out to my friends, Olivia and Hannah, and my sister Natasha (Betweenthebinding on wordpress) for supporting my blog and leaving comments on my posts. I so very much appreciate it. So again, thank you guys for being so supportive!

Okay, so now onto my brief update. A lot has been going on recently and many things are coming up. College, for one thing is coming closer and closer for me. I’m trying to appreciate every day that I am still living at home because I know it’s not going to last much longer. I will soon have to begin packing up stuff and making sure everything is ready to go. I want to embrace this new chapter in my life but I also do not want to rush growing up. I know everyone cannot wait to be an adult and be on their own but in reality, being a kid isn’t so bad. And, no, I am not a kid, but I mean kid in the sense of being in your parents house and under their rules. Technically, I am an adult but it sure doesn’t feel like it. (Side note: Teen Beach Movie is an amazing film to watch and it cover’s the concept of not growing up too quickly and living in the moment. Seriously, go and watch it. But finish reading this blog first.) TBM-1

I personally think the idea of growing up is frightening but also truly exciting. There are so many things I want to accomplish. I dream every day about how successful I want to be when I’m older and then I try and stop myself. I want to appreciate what I have now, not what I want to have later. Sometimes, as depressing as it sounds, later doesn’t actually happen. I do not want to make this blog sad, but it is the truth. I think planning your life is great. Everyone should have a goal or a dream. But remember not to become too obsessed over that dream or you’ll miss everything beautiful that is happening right before your eyes. It’s a corny saying but take time to smell the roses. Seriously, I did that the other day and I definitely need to do it more. Flowers actually smell so good it’s crazy. But back to my point. Planning your future is great. It’s awesome and it shows your ambitious. Just remember to spend time with your family, and your friends because if you don’t you’ll miss out on all of the opportunities that will become memories for you to look back on.



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