Getting College Ready

Hello friends. Happy Fourth of July! What an exciting day it is for America. Let us spend time with our families and celebrate this wonderful country we live in. If you don’t live in America and are not celebrating this holiday then I hope you have a fantastic day anyway and spend this day celebrating life!

So, the time is soon approaching when young adults are beginning to pack up their boxes and head off to school. I know it’s a stressful time. Your probably making a massively long list of what to bring to be sure you don’t forget anything. Odds are that you will most likely forget several things so don’t worry about it. The best way to plan for this big adventure is to make lists. I would also go on your school’s website and find out what they recommend you bring and what you are forbidden to bring. This way you won’t end up bringing your brand new air conditioner to put in your dorm window and have your Residential Adviser tell you to take it home.

I would recommend that you have some sort of contact with your roommate to talk about whose bringing what so you can avoid having two mini fridges crowding up your tiny dorm room. Speaking of dorm rooms, one of the best ways to get even more excited for college is to decide what your theme will be. Maybe you want to consider having a color scheme with all of your bedding, curtains, and even a little rug. It makes organizing and unpacking your things fun and you will look forward to decorating everything just the way you envisioned it. Here are some awesome dorm room ideas that may give you some inspiration!


This would be awesome to do if you and your roommate collaborated on decor. However, if you and your roomie aren’t seeing eye to eye then you can certainly make your side of the room fabulous like the photo above.


If flower power isn’t your thing then you can have a colored theme. I really like this dorm room because not only do the colors compliment each other but the efficiency of space is great. I really like the little sitting space this dorm room owner made underneath the bunk bed. This space can be great to relax after a difficult exam or just to chill between classes.

There are so many ways to make your small space at college feel like home. Nothing would be worse than being home sick and you want to be sure to make this space your home away from home. Just don’t get too comfortable and don’t forget to go outside and socialize! Another great tip is to go on your school’s website and research to see what event’s your school holds during the year. Most college’s have homecoming dances and festivals! This is another great way to make friends.

Once you make some great friends and have a dorm room that feels comfortable for you, college will be a breeze. Oh, also be sure to study study study! It’ll definitely pay off.



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