My special guide to flirting

Hello friends! So I recently received a question asking me to speak on the topic of relationships and dating. This is a particularly challenging topic for me to discuss because I honestly have not had that much experience with the boy-girl flirting game. Oh trust me, I’ve tried. It just typically never works out. When it comes to speaking to a boy, the conversation will typically go something like this:


Boy-*looks at me weird*

Me-“Sooo, how ’bout that weather?”

Boy-*pretends I’m not there then walks away*

Yes, but all joking aside, it’s a hard game to play. And we’ve all experienced that moment when you see someone across the room at some social event who resembles your celebrity crush or is just plain gorgeous and you continue to stare until they stare back. Then you frantically look away until your sure they have stopped staring then decide to look back at them and they are looking at you. Usually my cheeks go red and I find an excuse to leave the room.

The best way to solve that situation would be for you to be social. I know it’s difficult. However, you honestly will not get anywhere in life if you do not put yourself out there and socialize. No matter how awkward you feel I guarantee you that whoever you are speaking to is feeling just as awkward as you are.

So, for all you males out there, here are some easy tips on how to speak to a young lady. This advice is easier for me because I am a lady so I sort of have an idea as to what works and what does not. First and foremost, most girl’s love it when you come up and talk to them. It shows that you are bold and have confidence which is definitely a plus. Don’t stand on the other side of the room with your buddies acting like a jerk to get her attention. Odds are she’s judging you and thinking about how much of an idiot you are. Be a gentleman and go for it. Nine out of ten times that will probably get you a girls number. If you are at a party, get some punch for you and her, walk over and offer her some. This will ease into a conversation and bam. Your flirting. There you go.

So ladies….this is a bit trickier but I’ll give it a go. So, I’m sure most of us would want the male to come up to us but that is not always the case. We need to learn to be bold and go for the gold. I read a statistic recently that spoke about how the male species finds it very attractive when a woman goes up and starts the conversation. It shows power and confidence. So try it. Whether your at a concert, a party, college orientation, or whatever else it may be: start a conversation. If it’s easier, bring one of your girlfriends with you. But try not to bring more than one or two because then it turns into an entourage and that may scare him a little.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and socialize! And even if it doesn’t turn into a relationship, you may gain a friendship!

P.S. This advice works with anyone! If your at college orientation, for example, and want to make friends (girl or boy) this works. The main thing is to remember to be social. No one likes someone who is stuck in their shell. Be outgoing. Try new things. Get uncomfortable. Be the new you. Life is short so remember to live every day to the fullest. One of the worst feelings to have is when you question what would have happened if you did this or that. Just do it. I’m not talking about drugs or alcohol or anything harmful. I’m referring to fun things. Friendships are valuable. They could last a lifetime if you treat them well.

Good Luck!



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