The Perks of Summer

Hello friends. I know how stressful it is to try and find a summer job. Everyone wants to earn some extra cash for the pool, the movies, or day trips like the beach. I have been searching endlessly for something and I know it’s hard. I recently spoke to my mother about how draining it is and she told me to take things easy. Sure, finding a job is on top of everyone’s to do list. But don’t forget to give yourself a break now and then. Remember that summer is your time to relax from your stressful schedule during the year. You can use this time to have adventures with your friends or hang out with your family. Summer is the only season where you can go and enjoy the beach and the pool (at least on the east coast). Try and find a good balance between searching for a job and spending time with family and friends.

You can also remember that there are hundreds and hundreds of kids competing for jobs. It’s all about how prepared you are and how early you start your search. It’s always helpful to walk into a business with a copy of your resume (make sure you update it often). What I do is staple my business card on top of my resume. Having a business card is super professional and it’s easy for the owner or manager to contact you because all of your information would be there. It’s also a great idea to dress up when finding a job. I always go for a nice dress and sandals (since its been scorching hot out lately). I would stay away from jeans or shorts and go for something nicer like a kaki pant. Business owners are not only looking for competent people to represent what they do but also people who look the part.

I wish you all luck on your ventures to find a summer job. Just be sure to relax in the process. Some of my favorite things to do when I’m not job searching are going to the beach or lake with my friends and family, catch a movie, shopping or blogging of course! So go out and enjoy some sunshine. You deserve it after all that hard work and frustration after job searching all day.



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