Hello friends. Today’s blog is in response to a recent question I received from Natasha. She is concerned about her younger sister who is soon entering her sophomore year of high school and is having a bit of trouble making new friends. Natasha’s younger sister seemed to have lost her friends from middle school and has to start fresh. This isn’t an unusual situation to be in. I have heard of many situations where people were friends in middle school but lost touch in high school. It can hurt and be very discouraging. You may end up having no motivation to make new friends. The process of making new friends can be scary-especially when your entering high school where teenager’s are growing up and trying to find themselves. High school is one of the most dramatic times in someones life because everyone is trying to fit in with the “cool kids” and be someone they are not to do so. (Side note: read my last blog which goes into detail about how being yourself is the best and most honest way of making friends and being happy.) If this were me I would honestly just put myself out there and start talking to new people or even start talking to my old friends from middle school. I know once you get to high school there are cliques and the “popular kids” but don’t think that means that there is a wall up between each group. Be the one to break down that wall or separation between groups. I believe a person can talk to whomever they please no matter who they hang out with. Once you begin socializing with different people you will immediately know who you have the right chemistry with and who you may not match up with as well. It’s all about experimenting and seeing where you fit in. You may find yourself with the “cool kids” or the “nerds” or the “geeks” but it doesn’t matter how you are labeled. It only matter’s if you are happy and suddenly high school will seem a whole lot easier. When you have a nice group of friends to go to when you have troubles, or even to hang out with on the weekend, high school seems better, and so does life itself. So embrace the people at your school, don’t judge them too quickly right away (everyone has a bad day and you may be meeting them for the first time at the wrong time), and talk to new people to keep yourself motivated to be social. Once you gain enough practice at it, it will eventually come naturally to you.



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