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If you would like to send me a situation or a question or even a comment please feel free to contact me at or you can simply leave a comment stating what you’d like me to blog about next!

I will give advice to my fullest ability. The advice I give is based on my opinion and experiences. I cannot guarantee that my advice will work but my goal is to help people and offer as much assistance as I can.

I look forward to chatting with you all soon!



3 thoughts on “Send Me Questions!

  1. Hi Bella, how are you. I have a younger sister in high school — she just finished her freshman year up and I’m a bit concerned. She had friends in middle school, but as soon as she entered high school they all stopped talking. I thought that was normal and that she would make new friends, but I noticed as the year went on she wasn’t really hanging out with anyone still. I don’t want this to continue into her sophomore year because it makes me sad…I’m think she needs a boost of self-confidence so that she starts talking to new people but I’m not really sure. What would you suggest? I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

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