New Blog: What it’s all about

Hello there. My name is Isabella: you can call me Bella. My purpose for creating this blog is to give advice to teenager’s and young adults on all of the experiences and dilemmas that life may throw at you. I have been in countless incidents that have left me wondering, I probably could have handled that better. This is another motive for me creating this new blog; to save other humans from the outcome’s I have received from unfortunate situations. Life is tricky and dealing with everything at a young age, or at any age, can really be overwhelming. Adjusting to high school can be quite the process, and I remember it being frightening at times. This is why I would love to help other’s with their live’s and assist people through hard times as much as I can. I’m still growing and learning about how to deal with family, friends and balancing my hobbies with work. It’s all about learning from your mistakes.

Besides giving advice on school and drama and related topics, I can help with many other topics. I have experienced family member’s becoming ill and helping them on the road to recovery. I have experienced family issues and personal problems as well. No one is perfect, of course, but we like to think that life should be perfect. Growing up I always thought I had the “perfect” life. All of my friends families were going through some kind of drama, but I came home to my house which would be, well, “perfect.” It wasn’t though and using the word “perfect” to describe one’s family is not realistic. Every family has problems, and has to deal with drama. I used to think that I was the only person experiencing problems in my life but what I am learning to realize is that everyone may seem fine on the outside, but inside they could have a million worries. They say even the most secure girl could have the biggest problems. It’s hard to think about not worrying because we all worry and it is completely natural. As you grow up, you can begin to make your own decisions and decide what is best for you and your life. As someone wise once told me, “Do not let other’s mold who you are.”



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