Bella’s Brief Blab

Hello Friends. These "brief blab"s are going to be updates on my life. This is a convenient way for us to get to know each other outside of my advice blogs. I will mostly be sharing things about myself as well as anything exciting or dull happening in my life. Many of these posts will… Continue reading Bella’s Brief Blab


The Perks of Summer

Hello friends. I know how stressful it is to try and find a summer job. Everyone wants to earn some extra cash for the pool, the movies, or day trips like the beach. I have been searching endlessly for something and I know it's hard. I recently spoke to my mother about how draining it… Continue reading The Perks of Summer



Hello friends. Today's blog is in response to a recent question I received from Natasha. She is concerned about her younger sister who is soon entering her sophomore year of high school and is having a bit of trouble making new friends. Natasha's younger sister seemed to have lost her friends from middle school and… Continue reading Confidence


Always Be Yourself

Hello Friends. One of my younger friends who is graduating to high school recently asked me to give her any advice I had on "surviving high school." I know that going through school and finding friends that match who you are is difficult. High school, especially, is one of the times in your life when… Continue reading Always Be Yourself

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Send Me Questions!

If you would like to send me a situation or a question or even a comment please feel free to contact me at or you can simply leave a comment stating what you'd like me to blog about next! I will give advice to my fullest ability. The advice I give is based on my… Continue reading Send Me Questions!


New Blog: What it’s all about

Hello there. My name is Isabella: you can call me Bella. My purpose for creating this blog is to give advice to teenager's and young adults on all of the experiences and dilemmas that life may throw at you. I have been in countless incidents that have left me wondering, I probably could have handled… Continue reading New Blog: What it’s all about